tomorrow i plan on going to guitar center totry some amps. i was thinin of tryin a marshall dsl 100, mesa dual recto, mesa roadking 2x12. and i was also think of a marshall tsl.
any other ideas fer amps to try out?

which of those would be good fer myy chemical romance, from first to last,metallica, guns and roses, system of a down.

and what do u guys think of a marshall jcm 900. i saw one used for 650 and in great condition.
For just about any hard rock/metal, the Dual Recto will be great. Same for the Roadking.

Hey guys! I just started playing electric guitar should I get a Gabson Lay Pall or a Femdor Startokaster. I like the picks on the gabsons but i like how sweet femdors look. Beforre i get a gabson what company makes them?
a hughes and kettner, the one with that blue writing on (iv forgotten the name)
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Track down a peavey 5150, there the daddy! Dual recs get lost in the mix with another guitarist I found. Engl Powerballs sound really good to.