Ok theres a thread saying your worst vocals. a bit negative though! so here put your favorite vocals.

i dont mean like in the other threads that say 'best vocalist' i mean the one that sounds, to you, the best.

ill start us off. there loads really including damon albarn, richard ashcroft and thom yorke, but my favorite has to be noel gallgher. he was absolutely amazing on mtv unplugged and i reccomend that performance to anyone. sheer brilliance.
Chad Urmston of Dispatch and State Radio, great voice
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Chris Cornell seconded - that guy is good

Theres lots of other people i love more (freddy!) but this is modern
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Neil Fallon of Clutch. Not the best but is my favorite.
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I'd say Eddy Vedder and Chris Cornell alltough he disappointed me when i saw the audioslave aol session but he's great on cd and i listen cd's more often than i visit concerts so he's still in my list
Eddie Vedder, Chris Cornell, Maynard James Keenan, and Corey Taylor
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There are a couple of vocalists where I'll like any song that has them in it, even if it's shitty.

Matt Bellamy, Tom DeLounge, and Chester Bennington.

Weird combo, I know

I also love Chino Moreno's voice.
Eddie Vedder, Layne Staley, Corey Taylor, Ben Burnley, Maynard James Keenan, Amy Lee, Matt Bellamy, Raine Maida, Paul Banks, Gary Stringer, Daron Malakian, Dan Wilson, Matt Tuck, Howard Jones... Quite a lot there.
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Billy Corgan - His voice can sometimes be whiny, but he sure can yell, and when he turns it down, it's really soothing.

Jack White - his voice is really sweet and sexy sounding and he has a wide vocal range.

Kim Gordon - her voice has a lot of punch and attitude.

There's probably more but that's all I can think of at the moment.
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In no Order

1. Cornell (Audioslave, Temple of Dog, and Soundgarden)
2. Boyd (Incubus)
3. The Guys from SOAD(They're to goofy not to like)
4. Brown (Trapt- his whiny vocals are actually good)
5. Jordan Pudnick (New Found Glory)

HAHA- just kidding about 5, NFG, i just wanted eveybody to freak out for a moment. But NFG is one of my fav bands
^ Hm, you're right - that Trapt guy does have some pretty strong vocals. Guess I never noticed it due to the generic-ness of the lyrics.
Anthony Kiedis
Maynard James Keenan
Chuck Billy
Layne Staley
David Gilmour

I love the vocal melodies for so many of their songs...it's great.
Oh crap!
Maynard James Keenan (a HUGE range, loads of styles and amazing lyrics)
Brandon Boyd (an amazing harmonious voice, reasonably simple lyrics but so poetic)
Lennon, McCartney, Jack Bruce, Hendrix... you get my idea
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How about Andrew Wood? also Layne with Jerry and Axil Rose, bad attitude, good voice.
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Holy Roller by Mother Love Bone

RIP Layne Staley and Andrew Wood