has anyone ever bought a guitar off musicyo? i want the imperial really really bad but its out of stock, and the date when its supposed to arrive keeps getting later every single day....about 3 weeks ago it was supposed to come in may 1....now its the 6th and it says it will come in the 13th....does anyone know how long it usually takes?
I've never heard of it...I'd say stick with bigger names like Musician's Friend and Music123.
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i bought a kramer off music yo.

It's actually a great guitar for the money, but mine came poorly set up- it was just about the time they were closing down their operation in europe, so i may have got one of the last ones, that hadn't been looked at in ages.

I have no idea when that guitar will come back into stock.
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I bought a Kramer 1984 Custom off of musicyo- came perfectly set up. Honest to god- i ****in love that guitar. I even gig it as my main guitar. Defiently consider any Kramer off of musicyo (except the focus' they arent so good) and even if theres something wrong with it (which i doubt there will be) musicyo has a great return deal (30 days money back)
go for it dude- you wont regret it