So yeah, I am going to buy a RG350DX whenever i get the money, please no comments on the ****ty trem cause ive already heard about it..but how good is basswood for a body?...i play mostly rock and metal and try to shred...but i usually play either heavy distorted or with a wah, or not plugged in at all...so how would Basswood be for my tastes?...i was also looking at the Ibanez RGT42DX...which is hella nice, but i guess it would be like over 1000 canadian?...and the RG350DX is only going to be about 690 canadian and it has a single coil pick up in the middle with two buckers..the RGT42 only has two buckers...but its got a mahogony body...so what do you guys think about both of these?
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From Warmoth:

"Basswood (Tilia americana):
This is a lighter weight wood normally producing Strat® bodies under 4 lbs. The color is white, but often has nasty green mineral streaks in it. This is a closed-grain wood, but it can absorb a lot of finish. This is not a good wood for clear finishes; It is quite soft, and does not take abuse well. Soundwise, Basswood has a nice, warm tone."
^ so do you think i should get it in white? or the Black one
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to be honest.... that guitar sucks butt........... ge tthe rg321 or save up for a rg1570 or a s470 (s series of ibanez)
I have a basswood rg that is about the same price and it sounds nice. Get the nice white one, it looks much better with any clothing rather than the black with the nasty pickguard.
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Too sweet for metal really. Good for everything else though, but I think the mids in basswood are just too prominent (and balanced) for metal.
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sorry to say but for metal or anyother mahogany id better (nech through ofcourse) and DAVE_MC if u want or crunchmeister also darel13 is expirienced on that (they will agree) basswood guitars are cheap check all expensive good quality gibson (all are mahogany)

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My Washburn WI14 is made of Basswood and it's decent. An absolutely great beginner guitar, but if you're looking for a really good guitar I'd say check out higher end Washburns. Most are all Mahogany and there are a few models with EMG's and Seymore Duncan pickups.

Also, my WI14 has an amazingly fast neck.
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