Im thinkin about gettin a B-52 AT-412 cab for my 5150. Since I only have $400 to spend (Only at guitar Center), I think its only the best I can get....What do you guys think?
If thats all you can afford looks like you dont have much choice ! I'd wait and save another $250 and get a marshall.
Well its not like im goin to Have it forever. Im just goin to use it at a few gigs...Then later on ill buy a better one when i can get more money...But this will be good for now, you think? and its probably the best I can get at that price... what do you guys think?
To be honest, Ive never tried em. If its a means to an end to get you through a few gigs then go for it. Try n find out how much they'll give you on it when you trade it in or sell it on. You might end up loosing a packet.
I own that cab. It actually sounds surprisingly good. You may even end up just keeping it in the end. If you liek the sound keep it. Don't worry about people saying "It's not a Marshall." If it sounds good, it sounds good.