I'm trying to play Daughters...and there is one section where it says "D walk to B."

How do I do that?
Well, to walk, you first take your dominant foot. Then, using the muscles in the leg that foot is attached to, pick the foot up off of the ground. Then, using said muscles, move the foot forward. Continuing to use those muscles, you place the foot firmly on the ground. Repeat the motion with your other foot, and then with the same foot again, in that order, as necessary.


Oh, my bad...I thought this was in the Pit for some reason, so I was going to give a smartass answer.

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I believe it just means play notes from D up to B. I'm not sure if you should do it chromatically or diatonically? Where exactly are you seeing this?


I think he's right, but I'm also not sure whether it's chromatically or diatonically.
you're probably supposed to do a rundown to the parallel minor. so try this: D - D/C# - Bm
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thanks...in that same song...a little lower, it has chords like F (D shape), D# (D Shape), D (D Shape)....what does this mean?
That tab has an Asus7 chord in it. Asus7 isn't even a proper name for a chord.

"D shape" refers to a (barre) chord of this "shape":
   G major

I'd get a new tab, to be honest.