typing as i listen
man it jumps at u
i like the guitar
recording is way to shoddy
i really dislike the screaming
k ive just fiddled with sum settings and ive got a better sound
the guitar solo is pretty good, kinda way outta time or summin? hard to make out
it might be way to fast i think
really hard to tell, rerecord i say

but overall not to bad from what i could hear
im sure its much vbetter live?>?

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hmmm i like it. the guitar is really good as well as the drums. the screaming also sounds pretty good. altho a little hard to hear sometimes....sounds liek the actual singing could use some work but i really like this....try layering all of the instruments to get better recording qulity.

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Like the guitar, and the screaming isn't too bad either. The singing sounds quite out of pitch at times, though. The solo is nice, but i don't like the drumming during the solo. The drummer was kinda raping the double bass, which is something i personally don't like. Not saying it's bad though, i just don't like it... =P

Overall, bad quality, good song. I'd like to hear it done more properly, but it sounded good from what i could hear. Keep up the good work
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