Yeah I know this sounds stupid but, is there a substiture for an F chord because i have heard there is one?
theres hundreds of different f chords
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depends what you mean by "F chord"...there's a barre:


and there's another one:


but there's no real "substitute"... an F is an F
Okies but what's the easiest? Cos the one i need to play is too hard to move from the chord before
neither are particularly easy, when you first start to play guitar the 2nd one is easier, due to the intrinsic difficulty of barre chords, but now I personally believe the barre F is easier

the trick is to try both, and see which one suits your hand better (unless you happen to think one sounds better, because of course the barre sounds richer and fuller due tothe increased number of strings being played)

then, once you've picked one to use, stick with it and just practise the change over and over - it'll get quicker
On a regular E tuned guitar (21 frets) there are about 4 octaves of F. Depending on your tuning, and the chords shapes, you can have any number of F chords, but at the end of the day an F is an F, be it a maj, min, maj7 etc...
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