how can u do this^^ without damaging anything, and without the tool that is made specifically for it?

thanks in advance
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try pushing the string down before you pull it out. they should come fairly easily. if not try reaching inside the body and giving them a little push.

edit: by down i mean pushing back into the body
Use a pair of plyers, even if they're ribbed I usually don't get any marking on mine. Just as long as you don't slip and ruin it.
are you going to restring your guitar. if so unwind the string at the head of the guitar so the string has now tenison. then you can either use your hands to wiggle it out or use a cloth and plyers to pull them out.
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Speaking of which, I BROKE ONE OF MY GODAMN PINS.

You can get those replaced right?
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yup, you can get a whole set for about 3 or 4 dollars at any guitar shop.

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heres a neat trick... get a string and wrap it around the pin and pull it tight. (as in twine type of string not a guitar string). as soon as you do that and give it a bit of a pull it should pop right out
If this is your practice guitar and you play/replace strings often I recommend brass bridge pins. They make changing strings alot easier and they're not "force fitted" as much so you can literally pull them out with your bare hands.