When I try to play a C in barre form (x3555x) I'm having trouble with my ring finger.

When I fret it I only really mute the B string, or maybe it's the G, can't remember and my guitar's upstairs. But anyway, I think it's because of the groove in my finger, you know, one of those grooves that forms the 3 parts of the finger.

Does anyone know of anyway to try and sort this?

I've only been playing for a few months, so I'm thinking maybe my fingers still need to toughen up a little and strengthen so that I'll be able to fret the string despite the groove?


Any help'd be appreciated a lot
maybe you can try forming the cord closer the metal frets so you don't have to push doen so hard. ohter than that just keep practicing
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Roll your fingers to their edges a little bit, rather than holding them flat on--if that's what you're doing now.
It'll come with practice, just keep at it.

Wait till your doing it and trying to make the high E ring too
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It'll come with practice, just keep at it.

Wait till your doing it and trying to make the high E ring too

Actually, I have less trouble with the high E, lol.
In that case play it like you'd play the high E (x35553=C)

Strum all but the low E for a C major Barre chord or, using your example, just don't strike the high E.

TBH I always struggled to get the high E to ring when I was playing A shaped Barre's. Barring the DG&B strings with my ring finger was as hard as hell. Still is if I'm honest.
Try barring just the D&G strings with you ring--use your pinky on the B. I had to start playing it that way otherwise something always ended up muted.
ah...the hardest bar chord form...it took me months to get it.

when you're in school and stuff, just hold your ring finger and bend the top part of it back, like you do when you play the chord, if you do that for a few minutes each day, you should get a bit of strength in it. it helped me.
With those types of chords (with the 3 barred notes), I don't actually barre. I use my ring finger on the lower of the three, and my pinky to fret the other two. So the fingering would be something along the lines of:

e |-x-=>-x-|
B |-5-=>-P-|
G |-5-=>-P-|
D |-5-=>-R-|
A |-3-=>-I-|
E |-x-=>---|
P - Pinky
R - Ring
I - Index

I find it much more easy and natural to fret it that way. Good luck to the TS!
- FJ

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>.< I can't believe I never thought to use my pinky, duh. Cheers guys

I thought it would be easy - Just like a powerchord with an extra string... Didn't realise it'd be so hard to fret the extra string >.<

Oh and I just realised, I can play

x355x0 - Wonder if that's any easier. Ah well I'll try it all out tomorrow. Thanks again everyone