Im buying this Agile for its looks, price, LP shape, set neck mahogany const., and tiger eye flame top. I know its not a Paul but with pup swap and my good amp it will sound good enough for me.

The pickplate is coming off. Should I change bridge/stop bar, pickup rings, and toggle switch black and go with black open coil buckers?


(Remove pickplate)Leave the chrome and cream pickup rings and get black/creme zebra style open coil buckers?

Can somebody photoshop black hardware and open buckers? and or black/creme buckers with the stock chrome hardware?
HAHA, thats funny^

there are some sites where u can design ur guitar. might look a little nicer.

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Looks like a 2 year old drooled on the pickups.

I say gold pickup covers and black hardware.
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You will want to change the pickup rings anyway. The cream pickup rings that come on Agiles are actually kind of crappy. Sort of flimsy and the colour doesn't match the colour of the pickguard! (the pickguard is more of a pinkish-cream while the pickup rings are yellowish-cream)

If you end up using black plastic parts, you'll probably want to keep chrome pickup covers. Otherwise your open coil pickups will get lost among all the dark colours. Or you could get cream-coloured pickups.

Personally I wouldn't change any of the chrome parts. It will just be an unnecessary expense and won't really make your guitar look any better.

If you choose to keep cream coloured plastics, open coil black or zebra pickups will look good.

I would go for the black plastics + chrome pickup covers look.

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Go to the ESP guitars forum, there's a guy called Blackmachine in the Custom Forum who does great photoshops. (See the Mockup Thread for proof)