Hey I got some audition music for my school band and one of the songs has an A+7. I looked on chordfind.com and I couldn't figure it out so would somebody please tell me how to play an A+7?
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Seljer's version works, another one is XX5665. The note on the high e is the root, so it can be moved pretty easily. If you want the root in the bass it's 5X566X.

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Maybe it's just an A7 chord. If it is, it's this:


the + denotes that its an augemented chord

so instead of 1 3 5 like in a major chord you have 1 3 #5
Ok thanks guys. Now how do you play a chord that is a C with a little circle that looks like it means degrees Celcius and then a 7? C(little circle)7
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1 b3 b5 bb7 is full diminished seventh right? if thats right what would the name be for half diminished seventh symbol, whatever
_+7 = _aug7 = 1 3 #5 b7

_°7 = _dim7 = 1 b3 b5 bb7

_ø = Half-dim = m7b5 = 1 b3 b5 b7