Hey i wasnt sure if this shoulda gone here or the newbie forum...seing how I dont know what the proper position for the pickups should be makes me a newb...and that pickups are more of a gear type of thing...anywayz...

I recently noticed that my forward humbucker seemed 2 be low...I dont rememeb it being that low. It comes flush with the body of the guitar, which my second pickup towards my trem seems to be elevated.

Is it preferece? What should you have? I dont know if it would make a difference im pretty sure it would. But in any case thanks for reading and hope this isnt 2 newby...
The strings move less by the bridge = that pickup needs to be higher so its go the same volume as the one by the neck.

There are screws on the side of each pickup which you can use to adjust the height of the things. Fret your strings at the last fret and set things to be 3 to 6mm away from the strings.

Closer = more output but get way too close and it get muddy
Farther away = less output, but possibly better sustain since the magnets aren't pulling on the strings that much

Also make sure the volume of all the strings is about the same with each pickup, as well as the volume of each pickup (so you don't get a huge drop in volume when you switch between them)

Just mess with it until it sounds good. (be careful not to lower them too much since then they fall down into the guitar and you have to take the pickgaurd off to get them back in their place)
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