a bunch of kids in my guitar class asked me to play with them

it is a battle of the bands type of thing at my school, without the battle part.

we are going to just play Hurt by Johnny Cash

but In my opinion our version sounds nothing like the original.

one of the kids came over today and we recorded what we will be playing. we didn't add vocals because the other 2 people will do it and they will do harmonies.

he did all the rythem, i do the lead

on the solo, i play the first half with the tapping, and he plays the second half. you can tell with the tone change. i don't know if i will be doing tapping on my solo at the actual show.

there are some parts where my tone gets loud and shakes the speakers, so sorry about that,

i think we did a good job.

i pretty much a hired guitarist in this show.

check out the recording here


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Really love the lead parts. I think there's a bit too much reverb on the backing. It can get really boring after awhile too listening to the backing so maybe you could switch it up a bit somehow.. add some variations. The tapping can get pretty sloppy and the transition need some work. Listening to it over again, the whole tapping part is pretty ****ty to be bluntly honest. Even the backing gets messed up because it sounds like hes trying to stay on pace with your tapping. You have all the note sequences right but every once in awhile you hit a fret or two off and it sounds like ass... after the tapping the chords get way too choppy and it ruins the flow of the song. You might want to end on a differant note.. probably a lower. If you've ever seen and Eagles performance they end on a minor sounding chord so it leaves you wanting to hear more.

Its very good though.. well done