OK... so I'm sitting here with my dads Gibson ES-335 (yes, it's a red one) trying to do some song writing but I'm having a little trouble. I don't have any problem coming up with original lyrics or even thinking of how I would like it to sound... It's just that I cant make that sound actually come out. If anyone has any ideas for where to start let me know

Just to give you an idea of what I'm trying to work with I'll give you what I've got so far lyric wise:

In the smokey bar she sat and waited
when I got out on stage she nearly fainted
as i started to play the crowd went wild
I thought i heard her say
"I'm gonna have your child"

I sang every word
it didn't matter just how absurd
it was my duty to play every part
this i tell you form a dieing heart
yet a knot grows in the back of my throat
as sung her a suicide note

so yeah... that's what I've got... I'm thinking of calling it "The Public Emo Catastrophe"
just mess around with stuff until you figure it out, once figure out the pattern, then decide the key. not to hard.