ok im lookin for a high gain pedal that would agree with single coils if a such thing dosent exist what is the best all around high gain pedal
I think you may want to consider re-fitting your guitar with humbuckers, or getting a guitar with humbuckers; in my opinion, single coils and heavy distortion don't really mix.
yes usually but if i had the money i would get that rach effect clapton uses that makes the signal like a humbucker but keeps the sound and tone.... whats that thing called again?

and i could not bear to loose its tone it has vintage noiseless pickups and i love the sound i want a ibanez rg1570 but cannot afford it it has great high gain and clean tones unlike my ibanes gax 70 and my strat wont get the real high gain w/o the buzz (except on my hotrodd 410 but thats only mid gain and reasonable sound levels contrary to what other people might say
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Well, you can get a duncan pickup booster, which allegedly can boost your tone so it sounds like you have humbuckers when you've only got single coils.

Clapton uses an EMG midrange booster, which fattens up your tone quite a bit, I have one and it works rather well. I get a great slash tone with my EMG DG-20 set fitted (they're all single coils, btw)

But on a side note- I was playing nile with a standard mexican strat on my ENGL.. it sounded just as bonecrushing as the record powerball = god's gift to metalheads. It can make ANYTHING sound like getting hit by a truck.
i know what your talkin about but he uses a rack mounted analog processor of somesort and what did you mean by powerball (sorry if that question is stupid)
ENGL Powerball.. An amplifier head.. I've got one.

Its pretty impressive to get a Nile tone from a standard mexican strat.. with single coils.. and 9s on it.. I thought that was pretty freaking impressive.