i'm getting a new amp and it comes with a $30 cover, instead of the cover i could choose something else and just pay the difference. basically, what something i could get around $30 that would be good to have.

not all of these things are $30 but heres some stuff i've though of:
-a slide (never used one but i'd like to try)
-headphones (the amp has headphone jack and it would be useful for nighttime)
-tuner (have a cheap squier one but i've though of getting a better chromatic tuner)
-just keeping the cover

comments on these things or other suggestions please

*btw i'm getting a traynor ycv20wr
You can probably get the Korg Chromatic CA-30 tuner for around $20, then get a decent slide for $10.

Have you thought about a strap too?
already have a strap...maybe one of those dimarzio cliplock straps though?
decent cable? but yea tuner aswell, always a must. but if it were me id keep the cover
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Well are you going to gig or something?

Well alter accordingly

korg CA-30 Chromatic tuner
Straplocks (Jim Dunlop ones, they work like magic)
Peg Winder
A new pickup
A new bag
some condoms
the cover
new strings
new strings
Guitar Polish
Some effect pedals!!!!!!
Yeah, a good tuner will make a noticable difference. I'd probably get some strings as well.

If you're getting a slide you'll want a good tuner because you'll be forever changing tunings.