on samedaymusic .com they have one of these guitars but its blemished
WHAT THE HELL DOES BLEMISHED MEAN in this context what is wrong with the guitar
would it be worth the buy
The guitar is supposed to still function as it would if it was brand new, but there are some scrathes and things on it because it might have been shipped wrong, so it's still a perfectly good guitar, but it has some look problems with it. Beside, generally you can still return it if when you get it the blemishes really bother you. Go for it if you want to!
It would play the same, but the finish would be in better shape probably.
The RG321MH will be better because the RG350EX has a poor tremolo and can break. The 321 is fixed bridge and is made of Mahagony.

Edit: And why the hell is this here. It should be in electric guitar.
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^i can guarantee the trem will break. its just started happening to mine.
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