anyone here got any opinions on the Alex Skolnick trio? im not actually a big jazz fan at all, to be honest ive never really sat down n listened to a whole lot, and ive only heard Skolnicks stuff coz he used to play in Testament. i find it fairly listenable tho, nothing id go mad over tho.
The Alex Skolnick Trio is great.
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AST is amazing. I'd kill to go watch their show a few times
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Other than his cameo in Lamb of God, I don't know him. I check them out, and they're pretty good. So thanks haha.
R.I.P. Ronnie James Dio. Supplied amazing music to both me and my mother.

He will be missed.
Wow I was just listening to them. This is such a departure from his Testament shredding. I love both of his styles
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His playing is pretty good. What he does is takes classic metal songs and puts them in a jazz context. I have two of his albums...very interesting. So if you dont listen to jazz you can still enjoy them and reconize the melodies.

Still prefer him in testament though. Was a shame when I saw Testament opening for Megadeth on their RIP tour...they had Glen DRover playing lead in Testament instead of SKolnick.
Brought in pinball wizard on listening day in my improv class and my teacher, who is one of the Big Jazz guitar teachers at National Guitar Workshop, was not all that impressed. Did comment that it sounded like Skol had been transcribing some Benson tho.