I was thinking about building a custom bass cabinet, something like this...


... and i was wondering what speaker i should use? I'm thinking about a single 15", preferably under $150. Also, could someone explain how the whole "Odd-dimensions" dealy works?


EDIT: I can do this with basic tools right? I've got a circular saw to cut the wood, but i wouldn't need a router, would I?

EDIT2: The dimensions would also probably be different than the cab in that link. I would want it to be wider. I know the dimensions should be odd numbers and stuff, but does there have to be a specific ratio between the length, height and/or width?
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That's another thing i meant to ask about. I'm planning to buy a head sometime in the future, but i've got a small combo i plan to use until then, can i do that?

EDIT: This is the cab i was thinking about buying, and i was planning to eventualy build another cab to match my other one, probably a 4x10 or a 4x8. Would that work?
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looking for heads:

look around at music shops aroud you and, most importantly, TRY THINGS OUT. if you go to dealers of used instruments, you might be able to find a bargain on a great amp, one you personally know works and sounds to your standards. the head i recently bought is a very lightly used Carvin B500 that was $300. an absolute steal.

even used, the top-of-the-line stuff (like SVTs) will run over $400 easily, but if you can find one that works for you, go for it.