ok, so yesterday, i went with my friend to help him choose a new amp. Well, ive also been looking for a new guitar for myself, so this was good for me too. At this store, all the brands that they had in the way of electric guitars were, Samick and Yamaha. i started playing a Yamaha, and i wasnt too impressed, and so while my friend was buying his amp, i was looking at the other guitars. one of the guitars that i liked was the samick torino, you can check it out at www.samickguitar.com/tr3.html. well I was wondering, it felt good, but is this guitar quality? Are any Samick products quality? Yamaha products?

thanks for your posts
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I have a Greg Bennet by Samick acoustic, it's a pretty high quality guitar. That's the only experience I've had with samick, but I think that they are a pretty decent producer.
yeah, i have two greg bennets, by samick, one acoustic and one electric, and i think they are pretty good. they make some good stuff.
You're in luck. This is the exact guitar i use when i play with my metal band. All around it is a WONDERFUL guitar. The sound is great. It gets me any sound I need, which is anywhere from blues, funk, and bluegrass to a distortion heavy enough to play Lamb Of God-esque Metal and Metalcore. I play it through a Line 6 Spider II half stack, though. I really think this guitar is worth buying. I'm really picky when it comes to quality too. Yamaha is basically chicken **** compared to the high end Samicks. So....I'd say get it, but just make sure the pickups are set up right, mine were to high.
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samick really make good guitars we stock them where i work and they kill any epiphone, so much so we stopped stocking epiphone and we cant keep the samicks instock