I've been thinking about modifying (putting new parts on it, stickers, paint jobs, etc.) my Epiphone Les paul Special 2 and My Squire Strat. But I'm not sure exactly what I should do. Just wondering what you guys would do/have done to these models and how much it would/did cost. Thanks
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in my opinion, i wouldnt waste any money fixing up either...it would be way more worth it to just save up the money for a new guitar, neither has good wood or anything that would make it worth your while
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Well how much would it cost to buy an Alpine White Epi LP Custom + a FR?
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You need to drop the idea of epiphone because they suck.
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Epiphones are generally a hit or miss, more so hit now than back in the day. When they hit though, epiphones can hold their own against Gibsons. My squier strat, what I have found necessary to do (not my first guitar, I picked it up at the local shop because it played very well) was to put SD hotrails in the bridge of it to give it balls. If you've got a recent model (2005 and above), chances are you won't need to change machine heads. The ones on them are pretty sturdy. Look to get the bridge blocked.
Hm, sometimes I wonder where the concept of customizing went.

First of all, I can easily argue that most solid body guitars regardless of price will have low quality wood. Hell, I've seen a lot of gibsons with translucent finishes that have low quality wood.

Secondly, ditch the epi. It's most likely made of plywood. But the Squire is probabaly made of alder, of those two guitars, I'd chosoe this one to mod. You coudl do a repaint, but a solid color is probably necessary. A pup replacement is neccessary, and if you have the dough get a new neck. Oh, replace the electronics whiel your at it.
Well, all I can think of for a Strat is a paintjob and pickups, and maybe a pickguard.

Want to build a Jackson, to be fairly freaking honest.

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