Do you think If I learned to play the piano well, would it help me write music in general. Since the guitar and piano are so similar. I think it would help me learn alot of music theory that could transfer over to the guitar. And I the fact that I would know how to play both intruments? What do you think
Yeah it would help for your music theory quite a bit. Well, depending on how you learn piano. I know someone that is way good at piano, but they can't play an A minor chord if you asked! They only know how to read music and keys. If you're lessons incorporated music theory, then I think it would help you a lot. You would be able to read keys, recognize chords,
Being a pianist first and guitarist second, I can tell you that it can do nothing but help you if you learn it in the proper manner.
it wouldn't hurt to read the FAQ's list either. that really wouldn't hurt. infact it hurts a lot if you don't read it.
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