I bought an epiphone g400 SG recently and it has annoying string rattle. I was reading up on my tune-o-matic bridge and it said to loosen the bolts so that it lifts off the strings on the guitar. I loosened them quite a bit (about 1/2 more than it was) and it still buzzes. It doesnt buzz w/ an amp thankfully but i play w/o an amp sometimes too. It said i can sand the frets a little too but i dont wanna in case i F*** it up. My question is should i keep raisng the strings or think about getting the frets sanded even? Thanks
Keep raising it there could be a problem with your nut, but just keep raising it. And which frets?
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Don't keep raising it. I have a Jackson DKMGT and I had the same problem. Raising the bridge is only going to keep raising it higher and higher from about the 12th to 24th frets and only slightly up near the top. It probably needs the truss rod adjusted becuase the action is too low, that or heavier gauge strings.
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my ibanez with a tunomatic bridge does the same thing, it usually stops when i either wiggle the string in the saddle or hold the guitar at a different angle, it sounds like a weird solution, but it works
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