Im surprised no one replied to this thread yet, this recording is awsome. For a minute I thought it was the real thing. Very nice job overall, only thing I didnt really dig was the tone for the distortion bit, too muddy. Great Job
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What amp/Fx pedal/s did you use?

I used a digitech rp10.... It's around 10 years old... There's a huge variety of effects like.. reverb, delay, flanger, chorus.... and whole bunch of different tones.
I love this man.

Sounds crazy good. 10/10

How long have you been playing?

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Ah, tender surrender. My favourite Vai song. Great playing. Nice tone for begining, but later, your tone was a bit too muddy. But the playing was perfect.

Crit mine? TNX

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Minor intonation problems, but far and few between.

Great tone, too - not perfect, but it's hard to imitate Vai's tone back then.
very good
just gotta be careful at the two string bends and slides where you messed up some bits in the first half
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sweet i love this song, lot of mistaked, but non the less it is a difficult song, and you did well
Woah awesome! My favorite song by Vai so far. Nice tone!
Oh and I'm planning on learning this...Is it really that hard?
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damn good. you near enough played it note for note, which is commendable, to say the least!

As mascot said, a couple of bends were a little off, and I thought you could use a bit more vibrato on the distorted lead bits, but other than that, awesome.

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I have some criticisms. Firstly, get your dynamics in check, on a ballady thing like Tender Surrender, dynamics are vital. Lacking them means the cover didn't grab me.

You intonation needs work, as does your vibrato. Intonation wasn't ever off by much, but still, try to get it perfect.

Overall, congrats on managing a reputable version of a difficult song.
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Awesome! Great job!

Is it really as hard as people say it is?
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this is really pretty good man! i can't give it a 9 out of 10 because it isn't PERFECT... but it's damn good either way. i would say an easy 9/10.
can you say ummmm????...........BEAUTIFUL COVER. You really sounded like Vai himself. How long did it take you to perfect this song??
Yes this is good, but a 10? No. You havent even used a wah pedal. Technically its great, few mistakes. I'd give it an 8 or a 9.
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That was very great! I'm learning it and was looking for others who did it so i can see how they did it. btw where did you get that backing track?? thats a good one!
holy cr-ap...
twas very awesome...i thought it was the original at the beginning,great tone,i hear some sloppy notes,but i cant play it clean either,let alone remember the entire song..
but its great i say a 9/10,b/c like many have said,nothing is perfect!
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9.5/10 ---- Performance | A few un-avoidable mistakes but thats ok

8.0/10 ---- Tone | The delay was more of a slap delay than it should have been + no wah and then the distortion was a LITTLE too muddy but overall definatly well done