ok, a song a friend and me wrote when we were bored in town and well, sitting on a curb in the middle of downtown council idaho, population: 900
( we got a laugh out of it, and we're thinking about recording it)
wednesday afternoon
roughly five thirty
in the little redneck ass town of

nothing much to do
being bored all day
got no money
got no ride

just sitting on a goddamn curb

im hungry
its hot outside
watching cars go by
and all of them are watching me

sit on this ****ing curb

sitting on a mother****ing curb

i wish i was driveing one of thouse cars
but this curb just fits

just sitting on my ass
on this ****ing curb
not a care
not a scare

just sitting on this damn curb

the ****ing curb
the ****ing curb

i cant stand up
wont let me leave

i dont want to leave any way
cuz im sitting on the ****ing curb

sitting on the ****ing curb

ya the curb

sittin on this

****ing curb
lol That has the potential to be a really catchy song.......I've already got a tune in my head, "sitting on this fucking curb......"
ya, everytime we hang out now, we sing it...

and well, curtis(friend, he prefers that i call him CURT, but meh) is an awesome drummer, so ive been trying to get him to let me come over so we could record it...i dont have any recording software on my computer or id do the words/guitar and post it, but oh well.

and thank you
i thought it was pretty pointless and not that good. There was so clever expressions or catchy lines to me. Especially for taking a rather boring look at a boring scene. You could have spiced it up a bit with something else, better adjectives and such.
Can you see in the dark? Can you see the look on your face?

and, i was trying to emphasise that it is BORING, why would i want to make it seem less boring
But Boring is more a state of being, if you're bored chances are it's your fault. granted I don't live out in hicksville Idaho, but i know there are plenty of things for you to do, and granted writing a song was something, but i think that writing a song about how boring a place is, is lame. and i still think you could have emphasised the boringness(word?) of the town by being more creative.
Can you see in the dark? Can you see the look on your face?