Yeah, I heard about this guitar company called agile(that was mentioned on this site) that makes copies of American guitars for cheap. Checked out the web site looked at reviews and I saw a guitar that interested me, the AL-2000 (Les Paul Copy) I checked out all the features and the price was only $150 something. Now this seems kind just a little shady to me. I checked out all the online reviews for it and they seem good but I was wondering if you guys had any experiance with this or other Agile stuff. Oh and if you know about any better Les Paul copies in the $200 let me Know too.
Yeah once you start looking at these you wont stop. Ive been saving up for one. There will soon be a lot of people in this thread offering reviews/insight.
Does anybody Know how the fretwork is on theese though? I've owned some cheap imports that nearly cut my fingers off the frets were so rough
The frets are hand-filed on all the 3000 and above models. I am looking at the frets on my AL3000 right now and they are beautifully rounded and very smooth.

And Agile is actually a well-known brand by now. They are very popular here on UG. And the seller has a great reputation. I don't know much about the lower AL models, but many seem to be very happy with them.

Btw, you don't happen to be an Eric Lindros fan, do you? (your username)

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I have an Agile AL-2000 and my frets feel fine... I was going to bring it to my "guy" here in Jacksonville - for $75 he does an amazing fret dressing, new strings, etc... but never needed to yet - frets seemed a tad bit high at first (not rough) but after a week I don't even notice them...

I'm sold on Agile and my next one might be a 2800 or 3000 as I'd like to see how much better they actually are. I'm in love with mine.
I'd rate my Agile AL-3000 as a best buy in guitars.
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I dont have one, and I've never played one, but it seems like the quality of Agile guitars will only improve since they are not that well known of a brand (like say Gibson or Fender) While big brands like Gibson's quality will probably start to go down a bit.
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