Alright another thread about a band that needs help. Even before we had a chance to practice together, our singer got a gig for us on June 2. We have had 1 practice and need to fill 20 minutes. I keep asking when we will practice again, but all they say is I don't know. I have my guitar parts almost 100% down (they are VERY easy). All of us want to play the gig, but I don't think we will be ready. What can I say to get them to practice and take this whole band and gig seriously?
tell them: "take this whole band/gig thing seriously" :P
no, really, start bitching and whining about it and say you will not do the gig unless you all have your stuff down together. works every time
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Practise as much as physically possible...............my band practised through an 8 hour session before our first gig and it payed off............
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