if it's one of the new ones, then yes. Macs are freakin sweet for recording, for example Switchfoot uses macs to record on the road, which is mostly how they recorded "nothing is sound". PC's can be just as good, but you have to shell out the big bucks to buy software and keep it running smoothly, aka, ALOT of memory and a fast processor.
^No, at this point in time, a PPC iMac is a better choice IMO. The Intel Macs havn't been fully ironed out yet...

But yes, get an iMac A PPC one.
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Im happy to use a toneport, guitarport or fx pedal through my pc. Sounds good enough if you stay away from electrical stuff.
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I go from guitar to Toneport to Laptop... Works great, Im sure and IMac would work fine, just get an external recording device such as an interface or a multitracker and u can do editing and mixing on the computer, and if its an interface of course you would also record on ur IMac
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apples are the shiznizzle for recording,they run better and faster in sequencers and proccess effects better

I wish i had one
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I'm building a PC for recording. I know what I'm doing though. I'm sure a Mac would beat a pre-built PC everytime for performance and reliability. I'm building mine with super quiet fans, an insulated case, a great stable processor and loads of ram for 60% of the price of an iMac. If you have that option I would say go for it, but pre-built PCs are pretty noisy and probably wouldn't do well recording.
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I use my PowerBook G4 laptop to record, using only the internal mic. I jsut set up my laptop next to my amp and hit record and I STILL get great quality (amazing internal mic i guess)... for a sample of my sound... http://n0e.dmusic.com/

Check out "The Trooper" cover, I recorded that just today.
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dude you've got to be kidding about using the internal mic? if you arent, OMFG THAT IS FREAKING AMAZING SOUND AND TONE!!!!!!!!! i find that truely amazing, it sounds so good dude!
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