Hi, I'm new. I was browsing and this seems like a nice place, so I've got a question: I just started playing literally three days ago and was wondering if there was a certain way to place your fingers on the fret board to play the notes. I figured I'd ask this now so I learn it correctly, ridding the risk of me having to learn over again - kind of like typing.

Oh, and is this a good guitar package to just start on?

generally you want with the very tips of your fingers to press down the strings. at the beginning it won't work and it will sound horrible, but then it will slowly start working (and hurting less).

whatever works for you is good though.

it looks fine for a beginninr package...maybe even better than what most people start off with.
when you're playing through a scale and not doubling up on strings (that is you're only playing one string at a time) and with a lot of chords wherever you're not barring strings (that is, once again, only using one finger for a single string) it's gonna help a lot to put you're fingers pretty much perpendicular to the fretboard. other than that, make sure to hit the strings with the fleshy part of your finger tips, a lot of it is just practicing and playing a bit to figure out what works.
Whatever is easiest and feels most comfortable.

But don't forget to use your pinky too.
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NOT whatever's easiest and most comfortable! You'll regret it when you realise you'll have to relearn things to play smoother and faster.

As a general rule, try to stick to the one finger per fret rule, press doen not too hard a little bit behind the fret.
Yeah, what *seems* easiest at first is generally not the best way. It may take some
work initially to train your fingers, but if you do it right the first time you'll be much
better off.

Keep your fingers arched as much as possible and pay particular attention to
keeping the joint closest to the tip bent. Why? There's a good reason. If your
arm is relaxed, you can use the weight of your arm to do most of the fretting
work for you. Your fingers need to only stiffen a little bit to direct this weight.
Arched fingers on tips is the best way to direct the force. That will help you
to learn to play fast. Squeezing really hard with flat fingers won't.
Just make sure to press directly down on the fret whenever possible. Also, press down on the spot near the right (your right) end (the spot right before the bar that divides the frets) of the fret.