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80s metal
4 29%
Blues based hard rock
10 71%
Voters: 14.
Getting together with a bassist I met at work were both 36 and grew up loving the same ****. He wants to play Dio, Alice, some Halen, Ozzy, sabbath, Scorpions, Judas Priest, Maiden etc. I know alot of those so thats convenient but who's gonna be listening? I really dont want to play nu-metal alot of it sounds garbled with a couple discernable hooks and riffs here and there. I like nice hook oriented riffs (80s metal).

But we are in North East PA so blues/rock still lives bigtime here, I havent seen one white kid with gold teeth since I moved here a year ago, stupid flat billed caps turned sideways are seen once and a while though

I think Id like to take it in the blues rock direction like Candlebox for the heavies and Blues Traveler / Allman Brothers on the light side. Listen to Blues Traveler "The Mountains Win Again", Sweet Pain, Mountain Cry to get a feel for what Im talking about. Keyboards let me take it easy and strum chords without being the driving sound like in 80s metal. I like playing neo-classical stuff but I doubt theres many venues to play that let alone an audience to appreciate it. I love a good soulful blues solo about as much as a Ynwie shredfest so I wouldnt feel bored or unchallenged. sometimes letting a note breath is more chilling than a sweeping arpeggio. I dont want to play heavy alternative (Pumpkins, Weezer, Radiohead) type s**t either. We want to do originals also but I cant see any demand for new Judas Priest as well.

Long post, any thoughts appreciated.
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I don't see why you can't play a combination of it all. Older metal (especially Sabbath, Alice Cooper, and early Judas Priest) is pretty bluesy and would probably go over just as well as the Allman brothers.
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thats what Melodic Death Metal

its has the heavyness of your modern death metal but it adds a Melody and Neo-Classical (classical, jazz, or blues ect)

so yeah you can actually play both make your own genre with it though

you like the older metal but you also like old classic rock too (sorry im 18 so the "older" bias is used)

not many bands coming out have both of those styles so id like to hear a good band with both

so more power too ya man

DO BOTH!!!!!!!
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