I was wondering if there was any easy way to learn scales all around the fretboard. At the moment im learning the Lydian Scale and the only way i have been able to memorize it all around the fretboard has been by practicing playing the scale all around the fretboard. But like i said, is there any easier way to learn a new scale or does it just take practice and it will become easier to learn new ones with experience?

Also, i am talking about knowing a scale to the point that i can improvise a quick solo without hitting any wrong notes out of the scale.

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When I'm learning a new scale, I just noodle around with it at first. Then, when I have it comfortably in my fingers, I start making more complicated stuff with it.

I dunno about hitting wrong notes... I always use my ear when I improvise, so I don't play wrong notes.
practice playing it up or down, thats what i do.. or like Stratwizard said.. just play around a bit, uncomplicated stuff first, then eventually it will sit in your fingers..
The first real scale i learned was the G-major.. i just played it up and down practicing shredding.. and eventually it stuck in my head.
Try to find a proper (lydian) backing track. Then you'll have to practice till you drop...
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Why are people allways trying to find the easy way to everything dude just practice practice practice
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yea i remember learning the lydian modes, i just stuck it out and kept going, theres really know fast way just practice some people catch on quick others like me practice it for a couple weeks
You could just find the corresponding major scale and play that which will be lydian in the key you're playing.
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Personally, I just learnt all the modes in the same position. So when you know them all they can kind of hook up next to each other and you get a feel for what notes come around where you're playing.
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You could just find the corresponding major scale and play that which will be lydian in the key you're playing.

Yeah...but for some reason this isn't suggested? It's easier, but apparently not good if you really really want to know the scale....from what I understand. Please correct me if I'm wrong.

I find this website invaluable to learning ANY scale....it is so helpful:

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