hi, i need to buy a practice amp until end of summer for me to get a boutique amp, so anyways, i was either going t get the marshall MG50 (shut up, i quite liked the half stack when i had it), a hughs & kettner blue edition, or a Marshall ValveState 8240.

im more looking at the valvestate right now since its so cheap (160 euros) and it has 1 preamp tube which would be great for bedroom practice. i also assume i could plug my mesa head into the 2x12.

thanks for opinions

EDIT: or a laney LC15, but i play metal. i do have a ZW od.
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Those hughes and kettnes are sweet little amps.

yeah. +1. the edition blue 60 is a much better amp then any of the Marshall MGs or AVTs. IMO
Id say go for a cheaper amp because if you practice on a bad amp and make it sound good it will sound great when you play it on a good amp or ignore me if you think thats stupid...
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Roland Microcubes are just friggin' awesome for just practicing at home. Check one out.
Definetly the H&K, it's an awesome little amp. Plus the Marshalls are pretty much ****e.
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peavey "ass" bandit 112 transtube is a tasty amp, im gonna get one
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i need the speaker to be on the outside. i dont know how to say it, but i need the speaker cnnection to be on the outside so that when i receive the head i can just disconnect the speaker from the combo and plug it into the head.

could the H&K do it? or the MG50 (agin, i liked it)? or the marshall valvestate (2x12)?

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H&K any time, killer SS amp
I have the 60w edition blue and it's damn loud for 60w. Sounds good too, if you have at least a semi-decent guitar. It can really shine with a good guitar, but it can't create something out of nothing
most combos only have a speaker output if any so i would say you wont be able to plug your mesa head into any of them.