Thinking of buying one, but it's apparently quite rare..

How much would it cost brand new? preferably in £'s but in dollars, eithers fine.

any ideas, guys =p?
there was one in my local store for about 360 i THINK
it was a few months ago and i didnt pay much attention to it...but i believe it was less than 500 pounds, and more than 300...not very good info but its all i have

check the internet
look on GAK.co.uk etc and find some prices to compare
I got mine for about £400 brand new but I had to wait 4 months to get one, they either sell VERY quickly or Ibanez don't make very many because I had a lot of trouble getting one. If you want a red one then you may have to wait but the natural finish ones are a bit easier to get hold of.

Hope that helps!
Ah. Are they good guitars though? Like, would it be at an Epiphone explorer =p?
Oh I Doubt It (Look at my sig :p)

Nah I would'nt be surprised if they did or if they didnt, i have little encounter with them, although the one in the local shop mightve been the one i bought had a)they still had it when i had money and b) it wasnt a natural finish
my buddy had an 84 destroyer he bought it because EVH had 1, it sounded great felt good, had a nice set neck and block inlays with a kahler i believe, it beat out my EX400 so i was looking for a good destroyer but all i can find are the new ones that dont have that same sweet tone