hi i just made this riff up any good

A     2 3 5 3 5 3 5             2 3 2 3 2 5
E 5b 0                3    0 3

D   4 5 7
A 5 2 3 5 7   2h3
E 3       5 0

its in A minor is it any good
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cant say, problem with tabs is they tell you nothing about the rhythm, so itd be better if you actually recorded it somehow...
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well i can not record it but what i can say its played anit like the rythem to fuel by meltalic
Sounds ok, not great though. I would suggest putting it on guitar pro or powertab.
By the way, you seem to be posting a lot of riffs. Try putting together a whole song some time. Again it would be better posting it as a guitar pro or powertab file so we all get the rythymn.