hey i wrote this solo yesterday. behind it is Am-G-Em-D. the solo is played quite slowy not to slowly.

B 7 8    7 8                               10b               10      8 7
G     9      9   12b 11 9        11 12 9          12 11 9        9
D                           12
now thats a great tempo.... quite slowly but not to slowly...

if you could give a real tempo i could tell...
well i played it at about 140 bpm, goin with a recording of me playing an Am-G-Em-D pattern, it was actually a pretty good solo, sounded pretty jazzy,

so i give u props, and keep em comin
if u play it while listening to "hey joe" at the same time, playing the riff at the same tempo, it sounds pretty good...
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so no replys can u at least tell me if its good

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If you don't like A7X

Good good... My only complaint lies in the rhythm. The Am, G, Em, D ... The D is a little high pitched of a chord to play after the Em in my opinion... it just doesn't fit, you know?