So, i understand the concept with arpeggios, that you can play whatever note that is in a a chord. However, what arpeggios to use in what scales etc? As long as the root note of the Chord ur using for the arpeggio is in the scale, is it ok?
So, lets say im playing an A-minor scale, just jamming, then i can use the Am chord for arpeggio, aswell as any other chord that has its root note in the A-minor scale?

And if i use the A chord, will that be wrong since its A-minor scale and the A chord is all happy and stuff? If you catch my drift..
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There's probably a rule to it but if you play it yourself and it sounds good who cares what the rule is?
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well, i just wanted to know.. i havent actually tried it yet, i just read some of it and sweeped some arpeggios on my guitar (just unplugged since its broken), havent tried jamming with them yet, as my guitar just died and i have to get a new one
so i just wanted to know if the way i have understood it is correct:P
I'm not very advance with that sort of stuff i just do what you said really. Or maybe try 7th arpeggios if it's that type of song.
I'd say the best thing to do is once your guitar is alive again or you get a new one just try out a load of stuff and remember what stuff sounds cool.
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In the key of Amin, you can play every arpeggio of a chord which lies in the key of Amin. (Aminor, Bdim, C, Dmin, Emin, F and G)
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