just wondered if there is a reason why alot of guitarists remove and play without their Tremolo Cavity Cover Plate on strats?

lately i have seen alot do it on videos of the net.
gary moore did it when i went to watch him.
yngwie does it.
sure i've seen some of maidens guitarists do it.
richie blackmore.
john frusciantie(spelt wrong i think) from chili peppers

just wondered if there was a reason for doing it
hope someone can help
its all personal preference i just find i like it without something digging into me mind you the plate isnt that thick but i find that i feel more comfortable with it off
You don't have to take the plate off every time you want to fiddle with the springs: which in my case is nearly every day.
I only have it off cause theres a battery wedged in there and it sticks out.
As you can see..

These go to eleven...
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I took mine off becuase it's so much easier to replace strings. But it also seems to project sound a little bit.
Sounds nicer when you're not plugged in.
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