Hi. I'm new on this community. I'm going to by a new guitar (one that can play most styles) because i'm tired of my squier telecaster silver series. I was thinking on buying a fender toronado gt or buying a squier stratocaster and put good pickups and a floyd rose. I've heard that the squier necks are bad but I don't know if thats true. Instead of modifying a squier i could buy the guitar by parts but fender necks are really expensive (around 500 euros).
Can you help me choosing my guitar?
The Epiphone Les Paul Standard is a great guitar for the money, and if you replace the volume and tone pots, it is even better. The Gibson Les Paul Studio Vintage for around 899.00 (US) is untouachable for the price. The Gibson has all the electronics (Burst Buker Pro V pick ups)pick ups of a Les Paul Standard at a fraction of the price, it is just not a pretty.
I've already seen epiphones and I don't want them. I wanted a g-400 vintage but then i saw toronado gt and other possible guitars. I'm not a big fan of epiphones and gibsons. Between gibsons, epiphones and fenders, I prefer fenders.
yes. I played on a squier stratocaster and it was always going out of tune. With floyd rose, guitars don't go out of tune.
ummmm.... floyd roses still go out of tune with the crappy licenced version. if your new to guitar i highly advise that you dont go for one.
I hate when tremolos detune guitars. how can I solve this problem? Does locking tremolos solve it?
and locking nuts? do they solve the problem?

Is it good to put good parts on a squier? can I put an hss configuration?
First off, read the posting rules. No double posts. State your price range, at the moment a bunch of guitars come to mind and they're all past the 1.5k price range.
Second, i highly suggest you don't go the way of a floyd rose.
Stay away from squires. Good pickups will still sound like **** if you use it on crap woods.

Also, i suggest you stick to playing till you figure out whether or not you want the use of a tremolo. Find your inspiration, and see what kind of music you like to play. If you're one of those beginners who mindlessly pulls up and down on the trem just because they think it's cool, i suggest you stay away from trems.

If you find that your trem doesn't stay in tune, heres a trick. Put some lemon oil between the contact point of your nut and string.

You're probably going to want something with hss configuration. Versatility, is key here, since you've just started out on the guitar. Maybe a fat strat, it seems to be the ideal choice here. Fender is a good brand for beginners and professionals alike, and i doubt anything like action, fit, finish, or sound will affect you at this stage. Buy a fender fat strat now, and in the future, look into replacing the pickups with something like a tone zone in the bridge and some fast tracks. Even some emg's, ala 85 in bridge and some slv's in neck and mid sc positions. If you insist on a floyd, go with the fat strat with fr, although i highly recommend against it. You're going to be so frustrated with an fr, since you'll want to play in different tunings i suspect. Not to mention, getting the intonation right is hard enough as it is. I'm sure some people on UG are willing to spend a bit more time and elaborate on any points i've made, so just keep your eyes and ears open to other ideas and suggestions.
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thanks for your help but i was also thinking on a toronado gt. the seymour duncans look good and i really like the guitar but i don't know much about it. It should be a good guitar for most styles. I prefer it to epiphones and i don'te have enough money for a gibson. I just want something better than a squier telecaster. I have about 600 euros.
...Silver series... That's the mid-80s one, correct? Cuz if it is... my man, you do NOT need a 600 euro guitar.
i didn't know it was that old. Its a second hand guitar bought by my brother. I don'te know when was the guitar made. My brother has it for maybe 8 years. I don't like the style of it. Its not very good with distortion but it's good for blues and blues rock. maybe its my amp that is not that good. Its a vector g-30. It's small and simple. I can't find nothing about it. The strings buzz on the arm. I've read that the epiphone g400 vintage is good for the price.

(excuse me for my english. i'm portuguese i havent finish school yet)