newbie here..

2 months ago i bought a EPI Les Paul 7 string.
i just discovered when i play 19th fret and above on the E-string the string will be wouching the pickup ring.
when i look down the fret from the headstock, appears that the left side of the fretboard is lower than the right.

Is this something wrong with the fret board or the neck?
Can it be repair? Or should i send it back to the shop(is this under waranty?)?

hope u guys can help me out here...

hmmm the right should be up a bit more than the left due to the tension. but is the string touching your pickup or the pickup ring if its touching the pickup ring i would advise you to raise the action and if its touching the pickup you can lower the pickup
I know that problem is common with the strat, but I never seen an epiphone with that problem. If it was a cheaper guitar, usually they have that problem. That problem is very hard to fix so I suggest you bring it to your local dealer and see what they can do.
thanks for the reply..

i tried raising the saddle to raise the action. it got better but it's still touching the ring...not the pickup.
the left side of the fret board is lower than the pickup ring...
Quote by azn_guitarist25
you dont use the saddle to raise the action your use the bridge

are u sure?

btw..the Epi looks like this...vitage sunburst tho..

i think i got my defination wrong ...sorry

i raise the bridge...the one next to the bridge pickup rite?

wat's the one next to it called?

sorry for the newbie question...
yea...thanks...and sorry for the misunderstanding..

i meant the one on the right of the bridge..(refering to the picture)

i already raise the action...
so there's no other way?!