I'm looking for a new acoustic guitarr, steeled stringed, and it can cost around 4000-5000, any you can recomend?

As we say in sweden - with friendly greetings, patrik.
Dang, if you have that much to spend get a great quality Martin or Taylor. Just about any Martins or Taylors in the price range will suit you


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Custom made guitar! Look around your town for any luthiers or wherever and create the guitar designed for your likings.
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I'd say a really nice Martin or Taylor like the first poster said. Or just get a custom guitar.
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Guys, guys guys... haha, there has been an little missunderstanding here:P the price i typed was 4000-5000, but what i meant was in swedish kronors^^ so the price should be 400-500 instead^^ im sorry my fault. hahaha

You could check out the $300.00 thread and loo at the better models of those guitars.
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Yeah, Martin's are great like the above have said, but I've also heard Rainsong is a great brand.

You can go here:
Guitars 3000+

I really suggest you go here too before you buy anything, it taught me a lot of stuff you should look for before buying my guitar:
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I'd go to the guitar shop and play everything they have. If there is one that is "just right" then that is the guitar for you. Brands that are typically good are taylor, Martin, Breedlove, Maton, and Larrivee. If you don't find the perfect guitar when you go to the guitar shop then contact a luthier and have them build you one.
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