My problem is that I have a Les Paul and the strings keep snapping quite often right at the bridge. I have had it setup by a professional and i specifically told him about the problem I had with it. Im asking for help because I really don't no what to do. If I buy a new bridge then I will have to get it set up again and basically i dont have the money for it.

Maybe the problem lies within what gauge the strings are because i use 0.09 if thats how you say it or it could be the fact I lean on the bridge with my picking hand too hard I dont know. Again if I change the gauge of the strings it will mean more money to get it setup again.

Any help would be appreciated

which string(s) is/are breaking? check if the bridge is too sharp would be my reccomendation
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rub some shavings from the lead(it's actually graphite) pencil into the area.....it acts as a lube for the strings, my dad's mate who gig's told us about this, we put it on the neck of the guitar as well, an we hardly get as many string snaps as before
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It's mainly the G string that snaps and the guy that set it up told me he sorted the bridge so it wasn't as sharp.

Where would I put the lead shavings, on the bridge or on the nut?
u need to lube the place where the string is snapping. but to be honest, even a light oil isnt going to help if the saddle is still sharp.

the best thing to do, is wedge somthing small under the string for now. something to act as a cushion, or buffer. between the saddle and string. something small like an old bit of thin string.

and eventually buy a new saddle ridge. they sell graphtech saddles, and replacement LP saddles. you might even find a loose saddle somewhere on line.

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Thanks for the advice everyone.

I will try everything you have said and if nothing works for me I will have to find some money from somewhere and maybe buy one of these types of bridges...