Pre Amp processes the signal of the guitar to the right volume to be picked up by the power amp, and the power amp amplifies the signal.
I'm quoting D_Man here
Pre-amp. This is used to amplify the signal from your guitar a little bit before sending it on. This is necessary because pickups make a very weak signal and it has to be brought up to ?line level?, which is just the level of signal that is usually used for analogue audio signals (it varies a lot and I don?t want to get bogged down in electronics so I?m leaving it at that). EQ and much of the tonal character of a sound are applied at or around the preamp stage. Effects are also added at this stage, and headphones and line-outs come from the pre-amp.

Power amp. The pre amp sends the signal here. This is the part that does most of the amplification and drives the speakers.
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