hey, some of you may have heard this but its been changed quite a bit and more added onto it in order to try and get my new band going. Its called Song 1 the drums were done by pwns_n00bs. please chek it out crit for crit . cheers
oh and remember if you want crit back please leave link cheers !11
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I like the intro sepeccially were the drums come in but when the bass and the symbols stars its starts to get bad, untill it goes into (what I think) would be the chorus, its decent the bass sorta sucks balls and doesnt really sound good for that song.........It gets really cool at 2 minutes 30 seconds I like that part alot
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its got some really great ideas and riffs, just (to me) a little unorganized but it still sounds good. good playing. links in my profile if ya want.
Writing as I listen...
Tone in intro-ouch! Very thin, but the double-tracking redeems it somewhat. Try turning down the gain a little to give the notes some clarity, unless the blurry sound is what you're going for.
Drums aren't much, very basic and the ride bit doesn't really fit IMO.
Cool vibe with the guitar on the ride bit. Really tense.
Ooh, it gets good at 1:24. Catchy drums, AHH LEAVE THE RIDE ALONE LOL.
Getting repetitive...oh this is a repeat isn't it?
The breakdown bit is neat.
Overall, turn the drums down a little and have some fun with the bass drum. It's metal for Pete's sake! \m/
Crit for crit?
Guitars need to be louder tbh.
drums r pro obv.
defo not bumping :p
xxx love you all xxx
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Its decent, just needs to be cleaned up, the tone sucks, and its disorganized and such, but there is some hope if you improve the recording quality, and change some of the riffs up. Its not really my style of music, and I'm trying to be as nice as possible.
here we go.....

you have a great grinding, heavy tone, although the guitar should be turned up a bit when it's scrolled to one side.

Very cool, reminds me a bit of the Deftones.

That new riff at :29 was trippy, didnt seem to quite fit in. Sounded cool though.

Guitar at :37 should be turned up, I can barely hear it. The drums in this section sound a bit awkward, maybe it's just me.

Basically, just turn up the guitars, it'll sound more crushing when the dual guitars cut in.
The drums sound funny in a few places, but that's really just my nitpicking.

This'll sound great with vocals.

Check mine out:
hmm the drums sound awkward you say??
what do you mean, or where?
yeah i know we definately need to turn up the volume of the guitars.
my schlong is much too long. enjoy .