The body is made of mahogany (dark, heavy tone), It's meant to sound really good for classic rock-ish stuff, Bulky neck heel (impedes Access to upper frets) Neck is finished (may feel slow to some) But if you're ok with all of that, just swap the pickups and it will be fine.

Zakk Wylde has an unfinished neck on his LP's btw.
Look up Buckethead and tell me you can't shred on a Les Paul.
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I don't plan on shredding, just wondering why people say it is impossible on a les paul, doesn't seem impossible, just a bit more difficult. I think shredding is the worst technique for a guitar I've ever heard, how can you put any character into the notes when they only last a tenth of a second
I can shred on my Les Paul without problems. You need big hands and long fingers to reach the upper frets though. But it's worth it all when you hear the sound!

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what is a solo?
funny, and the people who do shred are pretty famous? do i smell jelousy in this thread?
^no you dont, you smell someone who wants soul and feeling in there music
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I can shred perfectly on my SG with exactly the same wood/finishes as the LP...I can't see why not
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I just think shredding is way too 80s, way too fake and artificial, it is OK when blended with real solo playing, like dimebag could do, but stock shredding just sounds cheap and hollow
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^no you dont, you smell someone who wants soul and feeling in there music

lol dude i wasnt referring to you but the guy who hates lespauls the person above. you'll catch the hater when u re-read this thread.

You shred on any guitar btw to stay on topic.....
the les paul is suitable for shredding, zakk wylde uses it (with a custom cutaway neck) and matt heafy from trivium uses a les paul.
The les paul i think personally is more of a easy playing guitar, you really dont want to do crazy fast solos and most certainly not sweeping on a stock les paul neck. However lots of great players have used them as the go to guitar and can solo on them.

the real question is basically whats do you find most comfortable.
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Yes, you can. You can do whatever you want on a Les Paul. It just, IMO, takes alot of getting used to.
You can definately shred on LP. There's no guitar you can't shred with. It's about the guitarists, not the guitar.

However, I find it very uncomfortable. The neck is very thick, and the access to the higher frets is hard. I don't quite like the pickups either. Actually, I prefer even my acoustic over LP.
i love my lp for shredding, and i have a 50s neck on it...its to the point where i find it awkward playing an ibanez or jackson...i just love my lp...and u can do wutever u want iwth wutever guitar...just get used to it
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