ive been thinking about getting this, so what do you guys think about it?
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its a pretty decent guitar for the price, never had any problems with mine and it can get me the sound i need for any blues or rock stuff i want to play ..... but realy the search button is your friend
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From what I've heard (and tried) Epis can have low quality control. Some can be very nice though. I suggest you try it out, along with other guitars in your price range and see what guitar you like best.

I've never tried a G-400, so I can't comment specifically on it, but the Epis I have tried have been decent.
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It's a nice guitar, a friend of mine has it. It plays really well, and it has good tone and overall quality for it's price.
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I have one, its a nice guitar and suits almost every music style...i havent had any problems with mine and ive had it for a year and a half. I have never broken a string on it either and i play about and hour to and hour and a half every day...it's a very good guitar, and looks hellz nice too for the price, so i would go for it.
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Its OK. The bridge pups kinda nice, Didnt like the neck too much..Quality control as previously mentioned isint as well. One i played for some reason had an orange tip on the pickup selector. One thing you gotta watch for , is the neck is hella fat.
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