Right, so purchased 2nd hand and before i start the story, im not totally useless with computers, i know my way around and can sure as hell install a PCI card.

But funnily enough...heres the problem...i shut down my comp...whack the pci card in..obviously secure it blah blah blah, but when i powered up my PC,i get a nice burning smell and then the comp just powers down.

Obviously i rip out the Digi 001 PCi card ASAP and there's a nice burning smell coming from it, on closer inspection one of the parts it's kinda melted, for those of you who own the system and pci card, it's the part "c30" which i believe after difficult research is a capacitor or something.

I was just wondering, this happened to anyone else? Im hoping i can just replace the seeminlgy insignifincat part and try again...my main theory is the part metled because i stupidly put the pci card in under my graphics card which, being a GeForce Fx has a built in fan...that would cause excessive heat and possible damage to a senstive part of a component on a PCb...right?

Gah...i just need some reassuring words...its so frustrating having the damn interface box just sitting on my pc totally unusable because of the lack of PCi card...
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