I'm looking to develop as a rhythm guitarist for my band... can anyone give me tips etc and suggest some songs that i might want to learn. No matter how simple it maybe i just want to learn lots of stuff.

Cheers in advance,
maybe you could try some Gn'R stuff, or anything that has two guitarists. then just play the rhythm guitar part...
every GNR song has at least 2 guitars, i'd say practice GNR, a lot of the classic rock. but don't just stick with one type of chords, practice power, bar, open, muted, diminished, minor, major chords and stuff like that, play around with stuff from a lot of bands. that's what i've been doin
something like don't cry, that's not hard, or maybe used to love her, knockin' on heaven's door, civil war...

how long have you been playing?
um... i honestly don't know how long must have be seriously been playing for 4 months now. Before that it was just power chords. i did it the wrong way round, started with power chords and then moved on to the real shizzle... i supose thats why i'm struggling a tad. I've become used to being lazy with power chords.
As posted above, learn some rhythm parts but make you you really peel apart the strumming pattern so you get it right. Learn all the chord inversions so you can mix it up, not just open chords(both the E and A shaped barre chords and all the other odd shapes you can). Don't limit yourself to the basic chords. What makes so many of the great guitarists great is they use any and every chord, like Bb which isn't too common in rock. Don't forget chords outside of the major and minor variety. There are many unique chords out there so don't be afraid to step outside the comfort zone, but remember that some chords may not sound good by themselves but paired with another chord they resolve correctly. Post if you have any questions

Yeah, if you can play jazz you can play most anything. Funk is great for building your rhythm skills too. Check out some funk bands and then figure out their music--or find some tabs.
Learn loads of interesting chords. The more the better. Don't start on the hard ones straight away. Get the basics down first. You wanna be practicing moving between chords quickly and easily. Smoothly, in fact.

Another thing which I find helps my rhythm playing no end is muting. Palm muting, and left-had muting. These can be used to great effect, 'specially if you're playing funk.#

When a chord comes up in a song, remember that there are many different variations that will fit and sound good. At first, you'll be a bit hit and miss on getting the right ones, so only mess around in practice. Once you've got the hang of it, use em in gigs. By variations, I'm meaning, sus4s, 7s, add6s, etc, etc.