Band was just started in the last month. We are a hardcore band with influences like Guns Up!, Bane, American Nightmare and a ton of bands from around here. This is a really ****ty recording but its all we have until I can afford a 4 track. Please give some crit on the song. I know the recording is bad but try and just pay attention the the music and not the actual recording quality.

Thanks Guys.

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pretty cool and rockin' your pants of, but maybe people like to hear what you're singing about...

haha ya i know... you can't really hear the vocals at all. We recorded by putting one mic in the middle of the room... we tried to sound check. The PA wasn't loud enough apparently.
It's kinda hard to hear because it's very cluttered but you guys sound very tight as a band. i think if it was clearer and the vocals were more audible then i probably would have enjoyed this.

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