I'm having issues with my low E string being disotorted, on a lot of the lower frets. I was playing on my 175W GK Backline 115 yesterday, jamming with my band, and when playing the low E, it sounded a bit fuzzy. The same thing happens with my Peavy 15-watt practice amp at home. I put in new pickups about a month ago, and it was a self-done job. Could it be that, or do you guys think it's something else.

btw my EQ is pretty much full treble, no mids, and bass at like 4.
Oh crap!
its probably your amp being turned up too high with you hitting the string too hard. This is what made me buy a new amp. It's always going to happen on a 15 watt amp (dear god they shouldnt even exist for basses), and I too had/have a GK 175W Backline 115 and that's why I wanted to get a new amp. lol
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How far up do you put the boost knob up?
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